Testimonial JudeJude

Our son Jude was 2 years 9 months when we started with Lela. After the initial evaluation we knew we felt comfortable to move forward with her. She was very thorough and upon the first meeting we could see that she was going to make a significant impact on his speech.

Our son will be 5 years old next month and he has made great strides in his area of deficiency that even family and friends who had not seen him for a period of time commented on his progress. Nobody would have thought that Jude was once a boy who required an interpreter (us parents) whenever he spoke.

Lela creates a very fun and interactive environment, but is still able to command the room with a no nonsense approach. Her skills allow her to use any mood or behaviour the child is exhibiting for learning and language.

We are so glad that we found Lela and with no reservation, we will highly recommend her to anyone seeking speech therapy for their children.

Jasmine and Julian, parents of Jude

Testimonial KoenKoen

"Koen has speech and language delay. We were recommended to visit Ms Lela who was able to conduct an initial assessment and advised us on the speech sounds Koen needed help on. We have the most positive experiences with Ms Lela and her teaching methods. She is very experienced in handling children and has taught with very positive outcome. Koen has improved in a fairly short period and he loves his weekly appointments. He has become more confident as he is now able to speak in complete sentences. I am forever grateful with the help offered by Ms Lela."

Kate, mother of Koen

Testimonial DashtonDashton

“We first visited Ms Lela in July 2014. My son, Dashton, was 2 years and 4 months old at that time and he has not started talking or even babbling then. As you can imagine, my wife and I were rather concerned about his development in this aspect and we wanted to seek help as soon as possible since we read that early intervention will definitely help in improving his speech development.

Initially we visited another speech therapy centre but after a few sessions, we did not feel my son was benefitting from the teacher and so we pulled him out. We were recommended Language Loft by one of my wife’s close friend and we promptly made an appointment to visit Ms Lela.

I must say this was one of the best decisions we made for our dear son so far. Right from the first session, we could see Ms Lela’s dedication to her job, perhaps more appropriately to the kids under her charge. On a professional front, her experience and effective applications were clearly evident as the techniques used by her was useful in enhancing my son’s confidence and speech ability. She was also able to instil discipline and yet still show care and concern for him.

Fast forward to today, my son has no qualms in communicating his ideas and thoughts and is picking up the pace in conversational skills. Much of his progress can be attributed to the efforts of Ms Lela over the past 2 years and more, and for that, we would like to thank her what she has done for our son. Here’s wishing her and her family all the best in the years ahead as she continues to reach out and touch the lives of kids out there. God Bless!”

Dave, father of Dashton

Testimonial RachelRachel

"Rachel saw Lela when she was three years old. I wrote a testimonial then (please see below).

This year, aged 12, she achieved an A for her English paper in PSLE. She did well enough to be in the Express stream.

I wish to thank Lela for helping her in her long journey in language development and for introducing her to speech. Without her as Rachel's first teacher she would not have achieved what she has today."

Nicole, mother of Rachel

Testimonial from The Learning Lab, Singapore for the teacher training session on "Managing Learning and Behavioural Challenges"

"Lela communicated her good knowledge and understanding of the subject effectively, and shared lots of practical examples from her personal practice and life. Her being open to interjections and questions throughout the lecture empowered the participants to learn from one another with relevant case studies drawn from our particular context. All in all, the lecture provided greater insight and created greater awareness about the various learning and behavioural challenges we might expect to face in an increasingly diversified classroom."

Testimonial RutashaRutasha

"When my youngest daughter was about 4 years old, I noticed that she was stuttering, but it was not too bad. However, it got really obvious when she was 6 years old. Luckily, her paediatrician recommended Lela to us.

We noticed improvement after the first few sessions. Finally, after seeing Lela for a few months, there was almost no stuttering in her speech. Most importantly, she enjoyed every session and was always looking forward to it.

Thank you Lela for your patience and guidance!"

Nisha, mother of Rutasha

Testimonial Darius and ZeyricZeyric and Darius

"In 2013, Darius was diagnosed with speech delay by his Paediatrician, pre-school’s in-house therapist and the Developmental Paediatrician at KKH Child Development Unit. I was advised by the Paediatrician to contact Lela. In my opinion, Lela is simply amazing!

When we first brought Darius to Language Loft, he was 3 years old and could only say the word “Hi” and nothing else. In less than a year, Darius had improved so much that no one would had guessed that he had speech delay.

Darius loved going for his lessons with Lela. She is kind, patient and very dedicated to what she does. From just a simple “Hi” Darius can now say “I love you Mama and Papa”. My heart is filled with so much gratitude for Lela.

Currently, my younger son, Zeyric, who was also diagnosed with speech delay, is also seeing Lela, He is two years old. I am looking forward to hearing Zeyric talk too!

Thank you Lela for your tireless and patient guidance of my two boys!"

Cynthia Oh, mother of Darius and Zeyric

Testimonial AntonioAntonio

"Four years ago, when we were told that Antonio was suspected to have autism with speech delay, our world collapsed. We were lost and helpless. Luckily, our paediatrician recommended Lela to us. That was when things started to get better. We had directions and we had hope.

In about one year, we saw tremendous improvement in Antonio's speech. He went from non-functional speech, such as single words like colours and numbers, to functional short sentences (for example. I want to eat) and short descriptive phrases (for example, the bear is wearing a hat, the pink cookie with sprinkles). He had short attention span but Lela managed to engage him throughout the one-hour sessions with her interesting methods and toys used. Each session had about 3 to 4 different activities which were just nice for Antonio without losing his interest. Antonio looked forward to his weekly session with Lela. She listened to Antonio and understood him. That is very important for ASD kids in order to break through their world and have meaningful interactions.

Apart from speech, she also helped lengthen his attention span and kept him seated. His nickname was "Mr Ants-in-the-Pants”! He learned independence as she encouraged him to complete tasks by himself. He also acquired fine motor skills, for example, cutting and writing.

Today, Antonio is more expressive and confident, he can express what he wants and doesn't want and what he likes and doesn't like. He asks questions and answers simple questions spontaneously and he has meaningful small talks.

Over the years, she never failed to listen to our concerns and the issues we faced. She has been giving us great support with helpful tips and advice.

In short, she is a godsend!"

Cynthia and Tonny, parents of Antonio

Testimonial AaronAaron

"Lela has helped Aaron work on his language comprehension and sentence structure since he was four and I am glad to say that he has made marked improvement in expressing himself today and is integrating well in primary school.

Lela used many fun and innovative ways for her sessions. I especially enjoyed sitting in some of those sessions and watching her use a wide variety of cute and colourful toys to depict different situations and scenarios. She also gave us tips on how we could teach him at home, so that we could provide him with constant and consistent reinforcements, for example, how a storybook should be "read" so that the gist of the story can be easily digested by a child, how to describe something, etc. I'm thankful to have found Lela. Her therapy sessions have been extremely helpful in improving Aaron's speech and comprehension."

Charmaine, mother of Aaron

Testimonial LeoLeo

"We are thrilled that our 5 year old son, Leo, was privileged enough to spend a few sessions with Lela. She has an incredible, infectious enthusiasm and passion for her work, which was quickly transferred to our extremely shy son. Within a few minutes Lela had our normally, reluctant little 5 year old, giggling, learning and improving his speech. An hour session for Leo seemed like 5 minutes to him and he was constantly asking to return for his next session! It is not only Lela's unique ability to relate to her students, but her unrivalled subject knowledge which was clearly explained and communicated to us as parents which enabled us to support Leo in between sessions. Within a few sessions Leo no longer needed Lela’s services and although we are thrilled with the progress he made in such a short space of time, it was tinged with regret that Leo wouldn’t be spending his weekly sessions with Lela."

Andy and Mel, parents of Leo

Testimonial CadenCaden

"In early April 2014, a general practitioner highlighted that Caden might have autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). He suggested that we take Caden to KKH, Department of Child Development, for further assessment. Upon learning this, my world collapsed even though the diagnosis had not been confirmed.

Subsequently, our pediatrician felt that Caden could have been misdiagnosed due to his speech delay. He recommended Language Loft for Caden’s language intervention.

Lela is an experienced therapist. From our first consultation on 18 April 2014, she identified several issues that may have contributed to Caden’s speech delay. For example, Caden might have been watching too much television. She also suspected that Caden might have tongue tie. She assured us that he did not appear to have ADHD as he could sit still throughout the one hour session.

We listened to her advice and switched off the television for that weekend. True enough, we could see instant results. In the past, Caden usually did not call “Mummy”. When we went out for dinner on 19 April 2014 without Caden, he actually went around the house searching for me and calling out “Mummy” non-stop till we returned. His act shocked his maternal grandmother and auntie. This further affirmed that Lela’s therapy session was useful.

Since 18 April 2014, we have been diligently going for our weekly therapy sessions and Caden has progressed tremendously under Lela’s guidance. We are delighted to share that Caden has been assessed and certified as a typically developing child by a KKH specialist on 8 July 2014. The specialist also said that he has passed the speech and language milestone for his age group.

Once again, we are deeply grateful to Lela for helping to unleash Caden’s potential. Without her, we would not be able to identify Caden’s tongue tie and brought him to undergo release of tongue tie procedure on 24 June 2014. With his tongue tie issue rectified, we know that Caden would be able to reach his true potential under Lela’s guidance."

Esther, Caden’s mom

Etienne NielEtienne

"Etienne started primary school this year. After 2 and a bit years under Lela’s guidance he has gone from a boy with speech and social impediments to being able to integrate into the local school system, make friends and make himself understood perfectly.

We appreciated the way Lela was able to work with his occupational therapists and kindergarten teachers to adapt Etienne’s therapy sessions to address his specific weaknesses while giving him confidence. She made learning so much fun that he never grumbled about attending sessions."

Niel, father of Etienne

Testimonial CharlesCharles

"As concerned parents, just like others, we only wanted the best for Charles and finding the right person to help him in this learning journey is of utmost importance. Lela's sessions are fun and engaging, which simply explains why Charles expresses great interest in her sessions and always looking forward to the next.

We have witnessed significant improvements in our boy's speech. Before we started sessions, we commonly heard Charles slurring single words. Over a relatively short span of 3 months, it's beyond words to describe how joyful my wife and I are, as Charles progressed and started articulating clear and full sentences.

We are confident that Charles is able to achieve the next milestone under Lela's guidance. We deeply appreciate Lela for being so patient and making a positive difference in our boy. And with heartfelt thanks to Lela's quality advice and words of encouragement, that has made the journey so much easier and meaningful for our family."

Jonathan, father of Charles

Testimonial WilliamWilliam (left) with his siblings Samuel and Maggie

"William has been seeing Lela for about 3 years and it has been wonderful to watch him grow from being barely able to speak and interact with his peers to now starting to read and write and be fully interactive with his classmates at kinder. We are so glad to have found Lela and for her to help William reach his potential. We would recommend her to anyone."

Damien, father of William

Testimonial RuiRui

"Our little boy, Rui started seeing Lela just before he turned 4 years old. At that time his speech was limited and he was only using single words to communicate. Everyone had trouble understanding him and he was getting frustrated too.

Although his kindergarten did not suggest intervention, we took it upon ourselves to source some professional advice. When we met Lela, we knew immediately that she would be able to help.

Lela has been wonderful with her strategies and Rui wouldn't even realise that he was actually doing work.

He is now talking a lot more and with confidence. We cannot thank Lela enough for her continuous support and love for Rui. We have gained a lot from our experiences with Lela and more importantly a lifetime friend."

Ying Ying, mother of Rui

Testimonial KaiKai

" We brought Kai to Lela when he was about 3 years old.

Then, we were concerned as he could not pronounce and articulate very basic words. He would have his consonants and vowels all mixed up and there were several hilarious videos of him in which he mis-pronounced certain critical words, much to Lela’s horror!

Lela worked patiently and tirelessly with him and we could see significant improvements after 6-8 sessions. The progress continued dramatically and by the 10th session, Lela declared that he was ready to graduate. We continued a few more sessions, just to be sure, and we finally “graduated’ by the 12th session. Kai is now a very self-assured and chatty boy. Because he is now able to clearly articulate his thoughts and feelings, he now has a greater confidence to speak up in school and when he interacts socially. We are grateful to Lela for her unwavering confidence and patience with Kai. Although, we still keep the funny videos, and show them once in a while to remind us how far he has come."

Hwee Ching, mother of Kai

Testimonial OwenOwen

"We would like to thank Lela for her patience and kindness in working with Owen over the past 16 months. Prior to meeting Lela, when Owen was approaching 3 years old, we didn't know whether to be concerned or not at his lack of vocabulary, but at our pediatrician's recommendation we introduced Owen to Lela, who was able to immediately identify some issues and suggest a course of action to address them.

Throughout the subsequent period we've seen Owen make steady progress, thanks to Lela's methods and techniques. As well as improvements in his vocabulary and diction, Lela also worked on his attention span, and from originally being reluctant to focus on any activity for more than a short time, Owen now has good focus in most of our activities together. He's also become far more comfortable interacting with his peers and his elders.

We always appreciated Lela's detailed synopsis of each session, which enabled us to see the progress Owen was making, and to spend the following week reinforcing what had been achieved. We'll continue to visit Lela periodically to ensure Owen is still progressing appropriately, and would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Lela for putting him on the right track. "

David & Wei Wei, parents of Owen

Testimonial ElijahElijah

"Elijah was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2½. Both my husband and I felt helpless at that time as autism was alien to us. We enrolled Elijah at a special school at age 3 for Early Intervention Programme. Although he went for early intervention programme, his speech was very limited, almost non-verbal.

We started to look for a private therapist towards the end of 2010 when he was about 4 years old. We have tried contacting a few intervention centres. However we were disappointed as we felt most of them were very commercialised.

In our moment of desperation, we found Language Loft through God's grace. We did not pin too much hope at that time after our past experiences. God answered our prayer that we felt at peace and hopeful after talking to Lela. It is her sincerity and honesty that drew us to her. She assured us and she believes in every child.

For the past 10 months with Lela, Elijah has shown remarkable improvement. He is not as frustrated as before as he is able to engage us through verbalisations, body gestures, eye contact and facial expressions. Not only is Elijah happier and more playful, he is also more expressive and able to share his feelings with us.

Lela's therapy journey did not just help our son, it also helped us to understand and see our child through his dimension. Our family is grateful and thankful to Lela for all her hard work and passion she has in helping children with special needs. We keep Lela and her family in our prayers, thanking God for such an angel he has given us. A big thank you, Lela."

Andrew and Elaine, parents of Elijah

Testimonial pic 2Katie

"Lela has made such a difference with our daughter Katie's speech. Now everyone can understand what Katie is saying, not just her family. Katie always looked forward to her Sunday mornings with Lela, not realising that 'playing games' was teaching her so much. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Lela for her kindness, patience and for helping Katie to speak clearly."
Tina and Rob, parents of Katie

Testimonial pic 1Hector

"Before we started seeing Lela, Hector (2years 6 months) had a vocabulary of less than 10 words. Immediately after the first session, his vocabulary expanded by one more word and so we were sold. He started weekly individual therapy in July 2010. Through facilitated play, Lela got Hector to be more interested in human interaction and in picking up the language. She also got Hector more interested in books, which he previously had zero tolerance for. What we have learnt, as parents, was actually how to play with our child to engage him better. Lela has shown that even the simplest of toys, like a kitchen roll, can be the most engaging toy as long as we tailor the activity to suit his cognitive level.

To prepare Hector for pre-school, we started him on weekly group therapy in Sept 2010. The aim was to help him to get use to a group setting, to learn to take turns, to learn how to conduct himself with peers of his age as well as to increase his attention span in order to complete a task. Each session was always so much fun and laughter for the kids and the caregivers. A great variety of activities were carried out; water play, sand play, drawing, painting, handicraft, story-telling. During the activity, there was also a lot of exposure to language. Hector has improved greatly through the sessions, and he is now able to participate fully in all the activities without losing focus. The objectives have been met.

Over the past 6 months since we started seeing Lela, Hector has improved tremendously. He is now able to speak in sentences and communicate with us. He is also very interested in books. He has also shown great improvement in his understanding of what we say to him. In short, he has become smarter. Apart from the language, Hector has improved a lot behaviour-wise, which we attribute to the group therapy he had. He is more attentive and better able to follow instructions and to follow our lead. This has great implications as even outings and travels have been more pleasant. We have also learnt to become better parents, to be more aware of his learning style and his personality and how to engage him to make his learning richer. With greater understanding between parent and child, we are all having more fun together too."

Thank you, Lela.
Debbie, mother of Hector

Testimonial pic 3Rifqi

"Lela is such a great therapist. Our sessions are always fun for Rifqi but more importantly, I always learn something during sessions and go home with new ideas and renewed motivation to keep working hard.

What I love most is that Lela truly understands what language (not just speech) really is and knows how a child develops language naturally; what is expected at various developmental stages, what we should be striving for next. Lela reminds and encourages me to push forward and always increase my language goals and expectations of Rifqi, but yet shares my joy in the progresses he makes along the way."
Sukesy, mother of Rifqi

Testimonial pic 4Luke

"We have been to a few therapists and I must say that Lela not just knows her job very well, with many years of experience dealing with all kinds of issues (autism, Global Developmental Delay, hearing impairment, cerebral palsy, Down's Syndrome etc), she is also very compassionate and understands what we parents are going through.

She is passionate and goes out of her way to think and carry out appropriate activities for my son, Luke. There is no one-size-fit-all formula as every child is wired differently. Lela understands this very well. Lela has many creative formulae. She surprises you with her wide range of toys, games, books and her techniques. She makes it fun and that is important because if it's not, kids cry and then they won't learn much. Oh, and I must say Luke has fallen in love with her soothing singing too! Luke is captured by her love and engaging technique. With the good advice and seeing how Lela does it in our one-to-one sessions, we apply certain techniques on Luke at home and it is working out well, for example, giving instructions, how books should be read, how nursery rhymes and songs should be sung, and how the environment should be.

What I find very effective is the group sessions Lela conducts where Luke gets to see and mimic other children, and interact through turn taking and sharing. Group sessions are excellent to prepare Luke for nursery school as activities extend to phonics, numbers, tracing, writing, matching, pretend play, songs, books, etc. Lela has the full set of Montessori materials. It helps Luke with fine-motor skills such as grasping and pincer grip. Luke goes to a special school and after a one term holiday under the three times a week coaching from Lela, Luke could hold crayons and pencils without fussing. Luke has reached many milestones over the 9 months we have been seeing Lela.

Lela is a mother of 3 young children and that is many professions rolled into one. Plus she is trained in early childhood education as well as Montessori. Combined with her auditory verbal therapy experience, she has all the credentials!

Luke has been seeing Lela on a one to one basis since June 2010 and group therapy sessions since September 2010. We are thankful to our paediatrician for referring Lela to us.
Sharon, mother of Luke

Testimonial pic 5Ashley

"Lela has performed a very important role in the development of our daughter, Ashley. She has guided Ashley on a course focussing on improved articulation and use of expressive language, and does so with boundless enthusiasm and with a wonderful ability to connect with children at their own level. Our lessons are truly fun, which makes learning and development so much easier. "
Andy, father of Ashley

Testimonial pic 6Gracia

"Our daughter, Gracia, was late in speech development. With referral from a paediatrician, we came to Language Loft. We found Lela to be very dedicated and focused on our daughter's development. Gracia enjoys the therapy sessions as she thinks it is just all play. Now, I can see that Gracia, who started with very few words, shy and almost no confidence, becoming more active and confident in speaking. We are happy and have more confidence in her future."
Tommy & Vonny, parents of Gracia

"We have come to a milestone. Dexter achieved a credible score of 246 in his PLSE exams. We are extremely relieved and happy that all the efforts and hardwork put in by all the people around us has paid off. We are proud to see how much effort Dexter put in and how determined he was to attain his goals. The most important thing in the whole exercise is the increase in self-confidence and self-esteem for Dexter. You played a key role in helping us understand Dexter better and for that we are very grateful.

We will keep you posted on Dexter's development."
Tee Wee & Hui Ping, parents of Dexter

Testimonial pic 7Eigo

"My son, Eigo, lost his hearing from a serious illnes. He underwent cochlear implantation in both ears. Lela's therapy is so fun and the child can follow her session without becoming bored. She is always thinking about what is required and what is best for the child. My son loves her therapy so much. She also gave me some nice advice for home therapy. We are really grateful for her help."
Emi, mother of Eigo

Testimonial pic 8Rachel

"Lela is absolutely fabulous with young children. She connects very well with my 3-year-old twins Rachel and Jonathan. Rachel, who has speech delay, started therapy in June 2007. Rachel looks forward to her Saturday class with Lela as she learns to listen, concentrate and communicate through creative play and reading. She is more willing to converse with family members, school teachers and classmates, albeit in short sentences. Lela was very kind to let Jonathan attend one of Rachel's therapy sessions, and it was amazing how she engaged both my children and developed their verbal and communication skills. "
Nicole, mother of Rachel

Testimonial pic 9Roy

"As a therapist, she has a list of language development goals set and discussed for a three month period which will be reevaluated at the end of those three months. Apart from that she also has a weekly set of goals for us to work with. She comes up with fun filled activities to keep my son interested and at the same time learn language. I admire her ambitiousness and optimism while working towards the goals and her patience while waiting to achieve them. The time and thought she puts into planning each session is the reason why Roy looks forward to these weekly visits."
Teena, mother of Roy

Testimonial pic 10Aaron

"My son, Aaron has a speech delay. He started therapy sessions with Lela Iuorno when he was 2 plus. Her sessions were interactive and interesting as she engaged both Aaron and me in a variety of activities to help him in his language development. Aaron has since increased in his vocabulary repertoire and is able to articulate 2 to 3 combined words. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with her."
Maureen, mother of Aaron

Testimonial pic 11James

"My son has been having problems with language development and we came over from our home in Vietnam to Singapore for a diagnosis where we were referred to Lela for language therapy sessions. Lela shows a good understanding of her subject and is able to get inside the kids' minds, and she also educated the parents on how to apply the therapies themselves. We have been visiting Singapore for 3 months now and since we started, my son has made good progress and shown significant improvements."
Michael, father of James

Testimonial pic 12Nanami

"Lela loves kids and she is an energetic lady. Although we asked her to do Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) for our daugther, she is always thinking about our daughter's intellectual skill improvement and tries to raise her cultural awareness. Based on her long experience as an Auditory Verbal Therapist, she can find even a small improvement in our daughter's hearing ability, and set new targets with logical explanations. She guides us on the right direction with appropriate speed, without giving us too much pressure or stress in our daily therapy activities at home.

We are very much satisfied with Lela's AVT, and we enjoy the time we spend with her."
Kazuhiko & Kaori, parents of Nanami

Lela Iuorno

Lela Iuorno

Language Loft provides the following types of therapy: intervention for children and adults with language delays and/or autism spectrum disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other developmental and/or learning issues.

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