Lela Iuorno

Lela Iuorno

Language Development Specialist
Auditory Verbal Therapist

Lela Iuorno is an Auditory Verbal Therapist. She provides Auditory Verbal Therapy for children with hearing loss. She also conducts intervention for children with language delays associated with developmental issues such as Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Auditory Processing Disorder, Global Developmental Delay, and others.

Lela Iuorno started practising Auditory Verbal Therapy in 2002. Over the years she has expanded her practice to include group sessions for children with classroom and social interactions issues and older children who may have challenges in academic performance related to auditory processing, comprehension and language.

Lela is married and has three young children. One of her sons has developmental issues.


I am an Auditory Verbal Therapist by training.

From November 2002 TO January 2007, I provided Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT) for children and adults with impaired hearing at the Department of Otolaryngology (ENT Clinic), National University Hospital.

I had the opportunity to work with families of children who had a variety of dysfunctional issues. These included children with various genetic syndromes. I also worked with children who have cerebral palsy, autism, attention deficits, and cognitive delays. I also provided auditory-based rehabilitative therapy for post and pre-lingual adult cochlear implant patients.

All of these services were provided within the Auditory-Verbal programme that I established at the hospital. As part of my establishing this programme, I was responsible for it on programmatic, administrative, and physical levels.

More than half of my therapy sessions at the National University Hospital were conducted bilingually, e.g., English and Malay or Mandarin, or in another language with the help of an interpreter.


I am very glad that I got into the field of Auditory Verbal Therapy. Over the years my interest has expanded to include children without hearing loss but who have language developmental issues not associated with hearing loss.

Prior to being an Auditory Verbal Therapist, I worked in the corporate line for 10 years. My last position was that of Director of Business Alliances, Asia Pacific for McGraw-Hill Lifetime Learning.

I changed my career because I wanted to work directly with children and their families. My interest in children with hearing loss and those with other developmental issues was spurred through my voluntary involvement in Singapore Association for the Deaf and Singapore School for the Deaf.


In June 2005, I received the Healthcare & Manpower Development Plan (HMDP) award from the Minister for Health. This award was given to a select few outstanding employees from 4 hospitals under the National Healthcare Group. In 2006, I was again selected to receive this HMDP award.


I have a Bachelor of Arts (English Language & English Literature) from the National University of Singapore.

I also have a Master of Science - Early Childhood Education with a Focus on Inclusion and Special Education from Wheelock College, Boston, USA.

I have had the excellent opportunity of being mentored very closely by Ellen A. Rhoades, Ed. S., Master Auditory Verbal Clinician who is based in Florida, USA.

I have a Diploma in Montessori Method of Teaching from Modern Montessori International. I was a Student Achiever Award Winner for this course.

Conferences and Seminars

I have attended and continue to attend numerous conferences, seminars and workshops. Some of these were:

  • 2017 - International Congress on the Study of Child Language in Lyon, France
  • 2016 - The International Meeting for Autism Research in Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • 2015 - The International Meeting for Autism Research in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • 2014 - The International Meeting for Autism Research in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • 2013 - National Autism Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • 2012 - Victoria Autism Conference in Melbourne, Australia
  • 2011 - Social Skills and Meaningful Interactions Workshop in Singapore
  • 2011 - The Stepping Notes workshop - Teaching Music Through the Body and the Voice in Singapore
  • 2011 - The International Meeting for Autism Research in San Diego, California, USA
  • 2011 - Shadow Support Specialist Training Program in Singapore
  • 2010 - The Reggio Emilia Approach to Education in Singapore
  • 2009 - Asia Pacific Autism Conference in Sydney, Australia
  • 2008 - The Feeding Workshop in Singapore
  • 2006 – Innovative Teaching of Movement Skills in Preschool Children (conducted by the University of Minnesota), Singapore
  • 2006 – AG Bell Conference, Pittsburgh, USA
  • 2006 – Auditory Verbal Therapy Training and Mentoring by Ellen Rhoades, Auditory Verbal Therapy Training/Consultation Services, Florida, USA
  • 2005 – Auditory Verbal Therapy Seminar, National University Hospital, Singapore
  • 2005 – Auditory Verbal Therapy Intermediate Course, Shepherd Centre, Sydney, Australia
  • 2005 – Auditory Neuropathy & Audiological Assessment and Management of Children with Special Needs, Post Graduate Medical Institute, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore
  • 2004 – Recent Advances in Audiological Sciences, Singapore
  • 2004 – Oticon Product Knowledge Seminar, Singapore
  • 2004 – Improve Your Students’ Pronunciation, British Council, Singapore
  • 2004 – Phonics and Early Reading Skills, British Council, Singapore
  • 2004 – Introduction to Grammar for Teaching, British Council, Singapore
  • 2004 – Introduction to Teaching English Language to Young Learners, British Council, Singapore
  • 2004 – A G Bell Convention, Anaheim, California
  • 2003 – Objective Tests of Hearing & Noise and Noise Induced Hearing Loss, National University Hospital, Singapore
  • 2003 – Auditory Verbal Therapy Training at Acoustic Achievements, Long Island, NY, USA
  • 2003 – The Sounds of the City, Auditory Verbal International Conference, Baltimore, USA
  • 2003 – 1st Malaysian Cochlear Implant Workshop, National University Hospital, Malaysia
  • 2003 – Clinical Attachment at Queensland Cochlear Implant Centre, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2003 – Clinical Attachment, Hear & Say Centre, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2003 – Auditory Verbal Therapy Course, Level 2, Hear & Say Centre, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2003 – Understanding and Working with Children, Singapore School for the Deaf, Singapore
  • 2002 – Signing Exact English II, Advanced Level Stage 1 and 2, Singapore Association for the Deaf, Singapore
  • 2002 – Cochlear Beyond 2002 Seminar, Post Graduate Medical Institute, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore
  • 2002 – Clinical Attachment, Hear & Say Centre, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2002 – Auditory Verbal Therapy Course, Level 1, Hear & Say Centre, Brisbane, Australia
  • 2002 - Signing Exact English II, Intermediate Stage 1 and 2, Singapore Association for the Deaf, Singapore
  • 2002 – Signing Exact English II, Beginners’ Stage 1, 2 and 3, Singapore Association for the Deaf, Singapore
  • 2002 – Introduction to the Deaf Community Culture and Language, Singapore Association for the Deaf, Singapore

Presentations and Talks

During my years at the National University Hospital, I gave numerous talks targeted at the public or staff of various polyclinics or other medical staff. I co-presented at the AG Bell Conference in Baltimore, USA, in 2006 on the topic of "Auditory Verbal Therapy and Bilingualism". In 2010, I gave a presentation to doctors. This was a CME (Continuing Medical Education) talk on "Language Development in Children". In the same year, I gave a talk on "Language Development and How to do it at Home" at the Children's Partnership. In 2011, I delivered a talk on "Language Development in Children and its Impact at Home and in School" at Ace Montessori House kindergarten.


These are the areas that I am particularly keen on as I find that sometimes they have an effect on language development in children:

  • The overall development of the child such as physical growth, gross and fine motor skills and movement skills
  • The child's ability to perceive and follow rhythm such as music and beats
  • The child's diet and sleep
  • The child's social skills and his/her relationship with others, especially his/her parents
  • The child's general behaviour
  • The child's home environment and routine
  • Literacy - which starts with the child's interest in books
  • Bilingualism


I was a part-time lecturer with Asian International College. I taught the subject Advanced Studies in Language and Literacy Development to undergraduates who were taking their Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education. These students were principals and teachers of preschools, kindergartens and childcare centres. I also supervised the students' research papers which focused on different areas related to early childhood development.

I also conduct teacher training sessions.

In 2016, I delivered the training on Managing Learning and Behavioural Challenges to a group of 56 senior teachers and teachers at The Learning Lab, Singapore, a renowned enrichment centre.


I am able to communicate proficiently in English, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia. I have some understanding of Mandarin and Italian. I am also able to use sign language (Signing Exact English II, which is a derivation of the American Sign Language).


I see children from early infancy to adults. The youngest child under my care was 3 weeks old who was born with congenital issues. The oldest adult was 74 years old.

Testimonial from
The Learning Lab, Singapore

"Lela communicated her good knowledge and understanding of the subject effectively, and shared lots of practical examples from her personal practice and life. Her being open to interjections and questions throughout the lecture empowered the participants to learn from one another with relevant case studies drawn from our particular context. All in all, the lecture provided greater insight and created greater awareness about the various learning and behavioural challenges we might expect to face in an increasingly diversified classroom."
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